Recession Fears trumped by higher crude and supply disruptions

Recession Fears trumped by higher crude and supply disruptions

Stocks up from lows; XLE bottom holds

Rod Raynovich 2/11/2008

Crude closed at $93.57 and broad rally ignited in sector.
Big movers are: APC, CHK, KWK, NFX, SLB, SWN, XTO etc.
NatGas stocks are very hot!!

Cover hedges – add to positions in natgas and services

But as this market goes we need two days to confirm the trend.

Special Bonus: Solar is back helped by Barron’s Article.

Rod Raynovich 1/23/2008

I covered some of my shorts today as energy is off lows. covered XLE,sold DUG. SLB goes green.
XLE at 67 still under 70.

VLO and COP way off lows but not yet positive.

Broad selloff in stocks and reversal with Bad News SLB = Sell Signal

Rod Raynovich 1/18/2008

Energy stocks tried to rally today but an earnings miss by Schlumberger 110 in Oct., 74 now! (down 11%) turned the green board to red very quickly. The XLE remains below the “cusp” of 70, and now energy services have broken support of 160 held in August. But wait till 12N PST to see what’s next. As of now the traders are not buying stimulus package(“put money in the hands of people program”), but Secty Paulson is trying to talk  the market up (NAZ and DOW now in green). Potential buys next week are refiners and selected financials.
The next support for energy stocks is the XLE at 65.
Long DUG (ultrashort oil and gas), short XLE,OIH. Long GE.

Broad Commodity Sell-Off; Crude at $90,down 1.57 with Inventories Up

Rod Raynovich 1/18/2008

Another down (3-4%% and more) day in energy stocks with red across the Board .It is too late to sell refiners and we may have a buy signal soon.
I sold NE and PTEN; shorting XLE as a hedge which is close to sell signal of 70. Long DUG (ultrashort) also as a hedge.
OIH is at 170 with August low of 160.
Energy shares retreat on inventory data

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