It is hard to believe but the Obama administration wants to open up a new political front at the last minute to
squeeze the biotechnology industry after everyone thought the 12 year protection from generic biologicals was a “done deal”.

Last-ditch lobbying battle over biotech drugs
The Associated Press
Thursday, January 14, 2010; 7:21 PM
WASHINGTON — Makers of generic biotech drugs, backed by President Barack Obama and a well-placed congressional ally, are waging an eleventh-hour battle to reduce the competitive protection that the emerging health overhaul bill would give to brand-name producers of the expensive pharmaceuticals.

Biotech drugs, made from living matter and used to treat diseases from cancer to diabetes, have been a growing portion of the pharmaceutical market and are seen as key to the industry’s future. The House- and Senate-passed bills reshaping the nation’s health care system would both grant biotech producers 12 years of protection against lower-cost generic competitors.

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