Sierra SnowBlog 2010 La Nina Pattern Next 3 Months: Cold for Northern U.S.

A weather pundit came on CNBC today reiterating La Nina and it impact on energy markets beginning in November. He is forecasting cold weather for the Northern tier in the U.S. (see below).
Watch Nat Gas come off its lows to low $4 range, now trading at $3.935.

Also The Rayno Report has a ski clip and a story from the latest Powder magazine on boutique ski gear.

Climate Prediction Center: ENSO Diagnostic Discussion

The Rayno Report | Ski Revolution!

Market Reversal Today -Be Cautious

The market reversed today about 1:30p EDT as positive Bernanke chat yielded to Trichet and the Baklava Bailout. The NASDAQ Comp was up to the 2430 range then closed at 2397. The Rayno Life Science Index of 34 mid-cap biotechs was up 1.7% with 32 greens at 1:30p  then...

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