Japan Quake and Nuclear Concerns Shifts Attention to Nat Gas

Japan will need more Liquid Natural Gas to replace nuclear energy needs driving up prices WW. However any changes in demand will grow slowly as LNG transport is obviously an issue. Many analysts and traders still believe that nat gas is in a long term oversupply situation due to shale drilling and ample sources in the Gulf. The nuclear risk should shift focus to nat gas for power but there is a long lead time to build power plants and move away from coal and nuclear. Also there is almost no discussion from the Obama administration on an energy policy and need for more nat gas utilization. So at the most we can expect the bear market to acquiesce to a 5 year oversupply window from a 10 year. A wild card for the market is the EPA pressing an agenda on the hazards of shale hydraulic fracturing or “fracking”.

In the meantime look for the rally in nat gas stocks to continue.

Natural Gas Rallies Worldwide as Japan’s Quake Puts Nuclear Plants Offline – Bloomberg

Fracking: EPA Plans To Examine Every Aspect Of Hydraulic Fracturing

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