West Coast Weather: Wet and Warm

Changes are coming in the West as the high pressure breaks down bringing in storms this week and next weekend.

Weather Geek : TahoeLoco.com

The storm track will remain to the North of the Sierras mid -week with a bigger storm from the Gulf of Alaska coming this weekend.

Unisys Weather: 60hr GFSx 500 mb Hght/SLP Plot

Unisys Weather: 6.5day GFSx 500 mb Hght/SLP Plot

LaNina on Steroids

Harold Sheckter (LaNina on Steroids) is predicting precipitation this week with two storms. One issue is higher temperatures and snow level near 8000 ft. A wet snowy weekend depending on influence of the sub-tropical jet.

Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter

Nat Gas Supported be Weather but Technicals are So-So

Nat Gas pivot price is $4.41 with near term support at $4.35. Extreme cold weather in the MidWest has caused a brief spike in gas prices up to the 4.55 level but sold off to 4.43 later this morning. Daily stochastics show a bearish signal so look for downside support to 4.35. Should upward momentum resume look for test of recent highs in the 4.63 range. The 8-14 day temperature trends are above average for the West and below average for the East and Southeast. Precip should be above average for the West Coast and below average for the East.

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