End of West Coast drought is forecasted for late February according to many reports.

Post Valentine PPT on the way:

Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter

End of mid-winter blahs:

Weather Geek : TahoeLoco.com

Many storms by the 16th:

AccuWeather.com – San Francisco Month Weather | Monthly Forecast for San Francisco, CA

983 Low Pressure off the Coast:

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Nat Gas requires more Cold??? Or less Inventory?? How Low can it Go?

At $4.03 we are near November lows of $3.93 despite coldest recent winter on record. Market is oversold and it makes you wonder how it was $12 a few years back and $6 last year!.EIA forecasts only $4.58 for 2012 as consumption is flat while production grew strongly from new technologies like shale recovery.

Look at FSNGX:

UNG Troubles to Continue Despite Stat Fixes – Yahoo! Finance

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