Update -2 The Coot Indicator

Look for coots (crane relative) on Little Lake at US 395 South of Lone Pine. Two weeks ago during a warming trend the coots were still there indicating winter was still on. The coots head out of the Eastern Sierras in the Spring. This a Winter Storm arrived. The coots know weather.

Update-1… Freak “winter storm” on the wimpy side at Mammoth…..but good enough for 10-18+ over 2 days. Moreover the cold weather will keep conditions good through the weekend especially with snowmaking at night.

A report today said that despite the windy, cold conditions the snow was great so get on out.

Not only that but NOAA appears to have blown their so-called “Climate Prediction Center” again now downgrading their 6-10 day precipitation outlook.


In other weather news the  Wall Street Journal reported that the Weather Channel

has been dropped by Verizon Communications citing “customers’ growing use of online resources for weather.” AccuWeather now offers all weather all the time on cable with few commercial interruptions.


California Drought -Driest Winter on Record!

Only 120 in of snow at Mammoth season to date; but ’76-’77 was also bad.

1975-76 27.0 0 0 14.5 13.5 54.0 50.0 38.5 0 0 0 197.5
1976-77 4.0 0 0 0 26.0 27.0 37.0 0 0 0 0 94.0
1977-78 6.0 0 26.0 98.0 95.5 97.0 85.5 78.5 1.0 0 0 487.5

“The DWP snow survey was completed yesterday April 1st. It is as dismal as it has ever been historically. This is “The driest winter on record” as reported by DWP – See more at: http://mammothweather.com/#sthash.1CxXtE8X.dpuf”

But Sheckter Calls For Colder, Wetter Weather next week:

Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter

Unisys Model shows low dropping down the coast:

Unisys Weather – ECMWF – NA – SL Pressure/500mb Height – 5day

NOAA Confirms Wetter Outlook:

610prcp.new.gif 719×759 pixels

9kh.gif 720×729 pixels

Accuweather says rainy San Francisco in April:

Weather in San Francisco – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 94103

Week of 4/5 : Finally Some Rain:

Intellicast – San Francisco Weather Report in California (94128)

Daily Climate Update: see site

LA Times – Brown orders California’s first mandatory water restrictions: ‘It’s a different world’

As lakes become deserts, drought is Iran’s new problem | Mid-East | Saudi Gazette

Antarctica records unprecedented high temperatures in two new readings | Environment | The Guardian






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