Update 12/3 Much Needed Heavy Rain Comes To  SoCal but Mammoth Gets Only~20 in Wet Snow

Warm Weather Storm Hits The Coast

The Mammoth snowman posted at 8 am and says the really big part of the storm headed North.A wet storm should help get us a good base.

Mammoth Mountain Snowman Report

Sheckter optimistic on more snow  with showers through the evening. Rainiest 2 days in San Francisco since 2008 with 3 inches.


More PPT is due next weekend. Longer term outlook says a wetter West and SouthWest with a drier upper tier North.

Weather in San Francisco – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 94103

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Transition Week: Beach to Snow

Update on Friday

The high pressure dominating the West is expected to break down by Friday bringing in a low pressure system from the North. Also the polar vortex will move North allowing the normal West to East flow. The  ECMWF models are not clear on the second storm as it will be parked off the coast. High pressure returns by December 4th. See all relevant WEB sites below. Here is 4 day map:

ECMWF - NA - SL Pressure/500mb Height - 4day

It will be will be 80 deg in Los Angeles today through Thanksgiving but changes are on the way by the weekend. There is also potential for much needed rain in SoCal by next week. Water temperatures stayed close to 70 through early November but are still a warm 65 deg .

Look for Howard’s Call by Friday

Mammoth Lakes Weather brought to you by Howard Sheckter

WET Weather Through Next Tuesday December 2

Weather in San Francisco – AccuWeather Forecast for CA 94103

Intellicast – San Francisco Weather Report in California (94128)

Second Storm this Weekend Shows Dump Potential


WPC Quantitative Precipitation Forecasts – 48-hour Totals for Days 4-5 and Days 6-7

Major Change in 6-10 Day Outlook-Central CA Should Get Hit

610prcp.new.gif 719×759 pixels

But we are still ENSO Neutral with only 58% chance of El Nino in Q1 2o15;and a warm winter for SW.


But Second Storm Could Stay North

Unisys Weather – ECMWF – NA – SL Pressure/500mb Height – 4day

Colorado has received a lot of snow with 31 in. at Vail Resort over past 7 days.

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