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Small Cap Biotech Stocks Soar: How Long Will Rotation Last?

Speculation in Small Cap Biotech Picks Up-A Boon for Diligent Traders ETF Buying Is Driving All Small Cap and MicroCap Stocks Higher A Healthy Small Cap Rotation for Now: Reflation Trade ? Biotech stocks are rallying ahead of the expected strong seasonality in the November-January time frame. A rotation into smaller caps is leading the […]

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Rayno Diagnostics and Tools Revisited: Sector Outperformance That Tracks Biotech

Life Science Tools and Services Stocks Have Outperformed Biopharmaceuticals With Less Volatility Large Caps Are Winners in 2017 We have not covered the Life Science Tools and Diagnostics sector since early 2016 when life science stocks abruptly sold off. We have focused on biotech ETFs and Biopharmaceuticals because the upside looked more promising due to […]

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Biotech Bull Market Update: Five Year Performance for Life Science Funds and ETFs

Biotech Bull Market: XBI is leader for 2017 and Over Five Years The FBT First Trust Arca Outperformed Up 157% Over Five Years In 2016 the Sector Underperformed After the 2015 Downdraft Here is our July 2013 review of several top Life Science Funds and ETFs . Over five years below we have updated the performance* of […]

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Biotech Snapshot on a Rally Day…Update-2

8/10 Red Screen in the Morning We cautioned on XBI at $78 on 7/31 and today it broke through support at $75 to $74.70. ======= 8/9 Update After Close: A Bit of Caution after Trump’s “Fire and Fury” Talk Investors are holding off as global risks rise but biotech and healthcare holds July bottom (XBI $75-76) […]

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BIO International Convention 2017 Update #3: Genomics and Future of Personalized Medicine

Genomics and the Future of Personalized Medicine and Diagnostics Description of Track The opening plenary of the Personalized Medicine & Diagnostics Track will feature J. Craig Venter, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the J. Craig Venter Institute, a not-for-profit, research organization with approximately 250 scientists and staff dedicated to human, microbial, plant, synthetic […]

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BIO International Convention 2017 Updates #2-BIG Data Drives Precision Medicine

 Big Data Provides Pathway to Precision Medicine Description of Track Speaker Atul Butte, MD,Ph.D. Director, UCSF Institute for Computational Health Sciences The remarkable ascent of Big Data for example from biomedical imaging, next generation sequencing and adjacent technologies that deliver a multiplicity of heterogeneous data has been a tremendous boon for basic biomedical research and […]

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Biotechs Running Again: Rayno Life Science Stocks-See Picks…Earnings Updates

Update #2 Large Cap Biopharmaceuticals: ABBV, ALXN, BMY, CELG Abbvie (ABBV) Reported Better than Expected Earnings and Revenues Worldwide GAAP revenues were $6.538B up 10.1% with Global Humira sales up 15.1% and Q1 IMBRUVICA sales of $551M. Full Year 2017 outlook for EPS was confirmed at $5.44-5.54. Stock closed up 1.55% today to $66.05. Alexion […]

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Biotech Sector Leads Market Early in 2017 Despite Uncertainties…Update

Update at Close…April 18 Biopharma takes a step back Healthcare stocks were top loser down 0.93%. Biotechs were hit hard today with many high fliers selling off. Large caps were all down with Regeneron (REGN) the big loser down 1.98%. The IBB was down 1% at $287.67 breaking the $290 technical level not seen since […]

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Biotech in a Doldrums: Rallies Interrupted by Geopolitics, Trump Agenda and Flight to Safety

Biotech Doldrums: Nothing to Entice Buyers Trump Agenda for Tax Reform and Deregulation Stalls Geopolitical News Curbs Market Sentiment Recent geopolitical news has created a backdrop that has discouraged investors in biotech who were already risk averse from drug pricing issues. There has been little momentum since mid-March with choppy sluggish trading. Drug stocks have […]

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Rayno Biopharma Portfolio Update: BLUE FMI IBB…Update-1

Update-1… 2/22/17 Dow closed at a record 20,775.6 with energy the big loser, healthcare down 0.19% and NASDAQ flattish. Biotech stocks sold off with the IBB down 0.85% after hitting $296 near a 52 week high last Thursday. XBI was hit harder down 1.77% to $67.79. Large caps were mainly in the red except ALXN,BIIB […]

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