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Rayno Life Science Market Update: CELG, ONXX, XBI Update 1

Sell-off gets worse with S&P down 2%. Moody’s downgrade of banks expected by end of day. Bear market for commodities? ———– We have been at BIO 2012 in Boston over the past week and will provide interesting trends and data from the Meeting by Monday. Global Slowdown Fears: Market off 1.5% at mid-day with the […]

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Rayno SnowBlog: High and Dry- Dry Curse of La Nina is Back 1/31

We had a powder weekend in Mammoth with 3ft Jan20-22 but nothing on the horizon for 10 days. Check Alta, Northwest like Mt Baker or BC and maybe Big Sky. ————— The forecasters have turned on the WHITE. Howard Sheckter calls the turn and end of  the abysmal sunshine! San Francisco Weekend Weather […]

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Nat Gas Is Being Re-Discovered:Price Up to $4.35-Update 3/24

Update after Inventory Report: Range $4.34-$4.48 Nat Gas prices up 10% in five sessions  reached the highest level since Feb 4 as cold weather forecasts added to the bullish scenario. The EIA storage report showed a minor draw of 6 bcf which should continue with colder weather. Technicians see an upside potential to $4.54 level. […]

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Nat Gas Rallies on Nuclear Concerns:Solid Move to $4.15

Price Action More Bullish in a Bear Market Interest perked up again on nat gas chat and how it deserves more respect in US energy policy. The latest commentary postulates a shift from nukes to gas fired plants over the longer term due to increased costs caused by safety and regulatory concerns. But here are […]

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Nat Gas Over $4: Rally in a Bear Market

Japan Quake and Nuclear Concerns Shifts Attention to Nat Gas Japan will need more Liquid Natural Gas to replace nuclear energy needs driving up prices WW. However any changes in demand will grow slowly as LNG transport is obviously an issue. Many analysts and traders still believe that nat gas is in a long term […]

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Clean Cheap Nat Gas-Who Cares? Supply and Demand is Predictable

Update 2/25/11   T.Boone Pickens Cares With oil in the $100 range Nat Gas is getting more attention. That goes along with the usual talk about our lack of energy policy and the U.S. addiction to oil.T.Boone Pickens was on CNBC today and when asked what to do about “ol” said two things: open up […]

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